Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hey, I have temper too!

Like any one, I have temper.
I respect your space. You respect me as a senior. Not only you never respect who am I to you, you have used the nasty words on me. Think twice before even throw words at me, you hated my guts, so am I, I hated your actions.
Yeah, So what if you have your rebellious time? I went through that, and I gave your my advice. You REFUSE to listen nor even LEARN at all. I didn't give up on you, but I try to explain it again in other way, you shouted back at me, throwing your childish tantrums at me. I can still take it, but not your fucking punches. I went through more physical abuse than you thought. and my childhood memory is worst than yours, so shut up and live on your life!
Hey, so what if you got your license? You didn't passed to get a LEGAL license yet. All you have was a lousy "L" that will crash your own life. Mom was right on the sell of the bike. I thought, I could save it for my own use, and let you use the car instead when you got your fucking LEGAL license. No, you think you are HERO and whack my bike without my permission. That is one big wrong already. And then you use MOM to threaten me. Don't think I am scare with any of the threatens. I was tougher than you thought.
So what if you are bigger size than me? But you have Penny brains, worthless and priceless. You refuse to use your brains properly. You never want to use your brains on the right tracks.
So what if you gets all the allowance? I don't care. I can earn my self. I don't spend like you. Branded stuff is not important to me. I lead a simple life with simple things. It's shame on you to spend when you know family is facing critical financial problem.
This time, I GIVE UP ON YOU!!!
Go, dare with the speeds and do whatever fucking stuns you like. I DON't CARE ANY MORE!
Because, to you, I am nothing but pain in the ass in the family. And I feddup with all things. Yeah you will ask why am I insulting you where else I should be loving and protecting you? I realized, that's the only way you choose to learn. The Hard Way. You refuse to grow with the soft way, so there, you asked for it.
So listen carefully now.
Like any one else, I would want to move out and don't want to see your face at all. You never thougth of my feelings, treating me like enemy, and as usual, I am the black sheep of the family.
Yeah, like what other people say, I always bring troubles to the family. Like what the old folks said, I shouldn't be born in the first place. Mum should have just follow doctor's word and go for abortion.
I made my decision. I am moving out.
Soon... but with no notice. I don't see the point being RESPONSIBLE and tell every single things I did. I am a lousy sister, lazy daughter, stupid person.
NO ONE CARES either.
The black sheep will leave.
No, this decision wasn't made simply because I am mad. It was made after much analyses and much deep thoughts.

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