Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Thank you

Many thanks to all well wishes from all over the world :)

Especially those time spent together are more precious than's the thought that counts.

I am extremely grateful to have all of u as friend.

Many thanks for the wishes, lovely presents, sweet gatherings, fantastic dinners, and most important of all .... I am touched... with all of the kind things u guys did for me..

snif.f.. thank you...

i wanna thank my buddy, whom never forget it every year, he called from Japan!! it must have cost him a bomb to do that... and buddy, you know how u can always make my day without any tries ;) love ya buddy!!! can't wait till u are back and squeeze you hard!!! oh yeah, i can beat u this time for margarita ;p

and and...Adeline too make something for me !! Check out her website *beams*
and and...Marcus who took the innitiative to wish me eventhough he is so sick at home....thank you thank you !!!

<----hehe.. nice leh?

yup yup! a bouquet of flowers with cute bear bear on top, attached with a lovely card too!!

I personally love this bouquet of flowers... simply lovely!! *beams*

ahhh.. this one lagi special !!! from no other person..

but my own brother ;)

He is so thoughtful !

Though he is still studying, it must have cost him quite a lot to get me those...

sweet, right? right? ;) --->

<-- ahhh this one antique !! knew him for so many years.. first pressie from my neighbourhood friend ;p hahaha Many thanks neighbourhood friend, i personally like it very much. "opps" haha just like me... always forgetting things :~D

buddy, what's written on the wrapper? he refuse to tell me ;p

--> sniff... u might not able to see notice the earrings.. but i personally LOVE it so much.
a Little gift from Chloe... a friend whom i knew not long, so passionate, so caring gal whom take effort to get to know u...
sniff... i am touched with her thoughtful actions...
i just can't get enough of these passion !!
Thank you once more for all these gifts...
... I love every single one...
P/s: i just realized most pressie are erm... feminine... is that a hint to say i am turning too boyish again? :S

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