Sunday, March 14, 2010

CSG 15 Gathering @ Fullhouse

It was a long long day for me.

Went church, attended service, felt like stranger once again, then I hit home, looking forward to a very important events in my life -- the gathering of CSG15!! :D

I didn't know where to go, as organiser, I came across Fullhouse Restaurant online and seem quite interesting. [Editor: the next time when you plan for a gathering, please don't choose isolated places like NZX! lol]

Well, it was really fun and happening group of people that actually made the whole place lively and cheerful! :D

I was about to tell Ley Chu that I miss Wee Yee, but I was surprised by her return! :D Sure is glad to see that chirpy cheerful gal! She knows how to kiss the dull day away.

Thank you Kher Wee, Heng Chuen, Seal Hoe, Ley Chu, Wee Yee & Siu Ngaan for making this gathering another success yet happy event! I really miss you all heaps. You guys are the closest to me since college...and yes, friendship is very important to me :) Thank you!

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